Best of Green 2011



Treehugger announced the winners for best of Green 2011 in different categories including food and health, cars and transportation, travel and nature, business and politics, culture and celebrity and fashion and beauty.

The last one shows that Green can be stylish. We find products that use eco-friendly fabrics, production with solar power, unscented hair care products, recycled materials, etc. The new Eco-Fashion.

In some way or another, companies are making efforts to contribute to preserve the environment, directly on the manufacturing process or taking small steps to put in practice at the office, like recycling paper or not wasting water.

The word “Green” is everywhere these days, but when someone uses it only as a marketing tactic, something can go wrong. Consumers are learning more and more when something is real and products with false statements can get a bad reputation.

Enjoy the slide shows on this link. You will find interesting ideas if you are thinking about ways to make your products more friendly to mother earth and the people.

Click here to slide show.