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Paper Samples

Paper Samples

I Love Paper. I can’t imagine living without it. Holding a book or a magazine with my hands, the smell of fresh ink, the texture, the color… paper is everywhere and we use it all the time in our daily lives.

Technology is taking a huge role in the way we communicate, e-mail, blogs, electronic newsletters and PDF documents just to mention a few. How many times we read at the end of an e-mail “Please save a tree. Don’t print this e-mail”. But what if you want to print it? If you need to highlight key points or simply because you prefer to read from paper and not only from the screen?

I think is not a matter of age. Young generations these days manage technology much better than seasoned professionals, but even businesses that are up to speed on the latest and greatest technology know that a successful advertising campaign or communication with customers can work better with a combination of mediums.

As an example, by giving your customers something tangible like a brochure, you are creating an emotional connection, an experience. They will feel it as something of value. They will go to your website and other social media where you have a presence by reading your web address on the printed piece. Or by starting a promotion with a direct mail letter that leads to download an e-coupon or to enter a code on your website. Everything is connected now.

Printing and utilizing paper is not as evil as it sounds lately.

Last week, I attended a presentation trough the AIGA. As part of a successful campaign, Domtar Paper provided us with interesting information about the use of paper.

Some of the facts Domtar provided are:
– It’s easier to learn on paper.
– It’s one of the most recycled products on the planet.
– Well-managed, FSC certified forest guarantee that future generations will be able to experience nature, not just read about it.
– Paper creates jobs in communities where people need them most.
– Opening a nice envelope is surprisingly exciting.

If you want to learn more about why paper is good for your business and other interesting information, go to this website:


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